To Haggis, or Not to Haggis…

This weekend was spent at my sister’s house, in order to celebrate Burns Night (a Scottish Holiday). We had a lot packed into the weekend, and a lot of people packed into her house. I think she was pleased to have all the beds in her large home filled, and just as glad when we all left today!
Mom & Dad were the first to arrive at Frances’s house on Friday (which is a 4 hour drive for them, and also for us). I had to wait for the kids to get out of school before we could leave… my friend, Jenna, and her kids joined us for the weekend, and followed us down there. Chili & cornbread were waiting for us upon our arrival (at about 7:30pm… the kids were surprisingly well-behaved for the long drive and no dinner on the road… snacks were provided…) Our friend, Jeanne, flew in from Phoenix and did not arrive until nearly midnight…
Saturday morning brought the Freeze Your Fanny 5K Run for Frances & my 10-year-old, Haden. They went along their way after having breakfast burritos and fruit. While they were running (and freezing their fannies in the snowy cold), Dad & my 12-year-old, Felicity, were having a scrabble re-match. (I went to town in the middle of it and upon my return, nobody would tell me the final score… I guess Dad beat her pretty badly… poor kid needs to start reading dictionaries!)
I had been asked to give a short speech for Saturday evening’s supper… but I had writer’s block from the moment I was asked until… well, Saturday afternoon!!! I did finally get it written and everyone seemed to find my "Toast to the Laddies" amusing.
Saturday’s supper included Haggis, neets and tatties. WHAT? I know what you’re thinking… First, Haggis is not all that bad! We were told that most will take their haggis mixed with the neets and tatties… we tried it that way and it really was pretty good. Would I go in search of haggis to serve it again? No, not likely. Would I eat it if it was served to me again? Yes, I think I probably would. Now… I know you’re still going "WHAT?" What are neets and tatties? Neets are mashed rutabegas (here in the US… they have a different name, depending on what country you are in), and tatties are, well, mashed potatoes! HAHA! 😉
Dessert was cranachan, which was prepared my Frances with the help of all 4 children! They had a great time helping, and were very proud of the outcome!!
All around, a great weekend!!! Family, friends (who are really part of the family, especially after this weekend), food, and lots of love to share!!!
A reminder for you… be willing to try new and/or different foods! Ignore the things you’ve heard of it, and be adventurous with your food! You’ll be glad you did, because you’re bound to find some foods you never thought you’d like, will become some of your new favorites!!!
Happy eating! 🙂

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