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Garden of Health

For 8+ years, we lived in an apartment. An apartment facing the Northside of the building, garnering exactly zero sunlight through the windows, including zero sunlight on the small apartment deck. This made it impossible to garden, even container gardening that I always heard of people doing in small spaces, such as apartments. No sun=no garden growth… not to mention I always felt drained and I know it was partially due to the lack of sun. (But that’s a story for another day) In December 2009 we moved into a house. A house with a yard. A house with a fenced in area that looked like a perfect space for a garden. So, with permission from the owners of the house, we dug up the grass in that area and set to the task of creating our first garden.

Tilling the land proved to take longer than expected and my plant starts sat in their little plastic pots for a couple weeks before the garden was ready. While the back garden was being prepared, I got to work on the front gardens. I have no patience for flowers (all that work and I get no food from it!), so I have transformed the front “flower beds” into a berry garden with raspberries and strawberries and a salsa & salad garden with tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, lettuce, carrots and some other herbs. My Mom will be pleased to know that I caved and planted some pansies… of course, that was only because there was a stray plant growing at the edge of the lawn, and I decided to save it before the boy child ran it over with the lawnmower!

We anxiously await our first crop, but while we wait for the fruits and vegetables of our labor to be ready, we are making good use of the fresh herbs. The girl child was proud to tell me last night at dinner that the cilantro she sprinkled on top was from our garden. She was beaming with pride, in turn, making me beam with pride for teaching my children the value of hard work and what it’s like to grow your own food. Important lessons will be learned this summer, and into the fall as we weed, water, harvest and get ready to start all over again for next year.

I’m fighting back against industry, and this is just another step in the direction of not depending on industrialized, overly-processed foods. We are growing our own! In the process, we’re getting some sun, we’re moving and taking back our health!

——-This post is part of Fight Back Friday on Food Renegade… because I AM a Food Renegade!

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My War Against Industry

It’s a different battle every day, and while some may say it’s a losing war, I will not even “agree to disagree”, I simply DISAGREE! I may lose a battle now and then, but I am winning in the war against industrial food. The war for Real Food. The war for taking back my family’s health, one day at a time!

I trust traditional foods. I believe this world was created with all the nutrients we needed to survive and to HEAL. We are an arrogant people to think what we can create in a factory is better for us than what was created in order to sustain life on this planet.

I have always cooked most meals “from scratch”, but in recent years, my busy schedule and laziness got the best of me, and I began using more and more “convenience foods”. I’ve decided those foods aren’t so convenient. Unless you consider getting sick more often than ever and generally feeling awful to be convenient. (I don’t.) I’ve removed most of these foods, but have kept dried pastas and we’re working our way through a large stash of canned foods. In the process, we have (re-)discovered the virtues of Real Food and enjoy not getting sick. (An occasional sniffle, maybe a little fever for the kids here and there… but nothing like we were going through 2 years ago!)

I’ve been reading and researching for a while now, and while I’ve not removed all industrial foods from our kitchen life, I have to say I feel much better about what we’re eating. We’re finding new foods to try and enjoy, and meeting some wonderful people along our journey.

The folks over at Food Renegade have been an amazing source of information for me. I am so happy to be joining their Fight Back Friday Blog Carnival this week.

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