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Eating From Boxes

Sometimes, life throws you curve lemons. 😉

I’ve learned over the years, as many who have come before me, that if there is one thing in life that will always remain constant, it’s that nothing stays the same. And if ever there was a doubt, my life as of late proves just that. I won’t go into the terribly boring details of these changes, except maybe 1 of them. It’s the reason we are eating from boxes and the biggest reason for my recent “hiatus” from the blog-osphere. We’re moving to a new town, a new community.

Oh, words that I never thought I’d say, at least not before my children had finished school in our little town. But, I realized that as times change, as people change, as circumstances change, sometimes, well, you gotta roll with the punches, catch some lemons, and throw some curve balls of your own right back at life. So that’s what we’re doing.

While we transition to our new home, we’re staying with friends. Have you ever picked up your kids and inserted yourself into the middle of someone else’s home and family for a few months? Yeah, it’s a lot harder than you would think. But we’re managing and so far I think we’ll remain friends once our stay there is complete.

Last weekend, we found ourselves spending our first night in our new apartment, in our new town. We’re not fully moved in there, and won’t complete the move until mid-November, but until then, we’ll be spending our weekends there, setting up the new place, and eating from boxes. I won’t be posting a lot for awhile, but my kiddos have said they’ll write a couple posts. I will get back to posting once things settle and the boxes disappear from my life. 😉

(I leave you with this picture: Our box table with celebratory drink before dinner. This was the boy child’s idea. I was going to just put the table cloth on the floor, but he really wanted to set up a “real” table. Isn’t he a cool kid?–No, you can’t have him. He’s mine. 🙂 )


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