Suzy Homemaker?

Well, not exactly… but I’ve been called worse, so I’ll take the title when it applies.
And yesterday, well…. it applied quite well. I spent the day catching up after having been gone for training for several days, and coming home to a sick family who was in need of some spoiling.
The day was spent with extra kids, who got to try a soup they wouldn’t have gotten at home (as I found out later, their Mom doesn’t care for the soup, so chances are, they won’t have it at home…). We completed laundry in between Wii gaming, and I spent lots of time in the kitchen…
On the menu for Sunday was:
Soudough Bread Bowls (yes, handmade my none other than ME :))
Split Pea Soup
Strawberry Shortcake with homemade whipped cream
My kids, as usual, enjoyed the soup. And encouraged the visiting children to try it. And, well, those kids didn’t hate it. They didn’t really enjoy it, but they didn’t hate it. My kids have convinced them that if the soup had been thicker, it would have been better…… lol So I might have to make some thicker, and invite these kids up again. ;o)
Now let’s balance this Suzy Homemaker type meal/day with today. I worked… I dropped my kids with my sister and I worked. all. day. The kids are spending the night with my sister, and I am again working. all. day. tomorrow. So that meant tonight’s dinner was for me and My John. He had no thoughts for dinner. I had no inspiration for dinner. So I went to the store and came out with this:

Um, yeah…. as a friend already told me "Even Suzy Homemaker needs a day off". lol But I did use my own shopping bag for carrying home my groceries.

Tomorrow the kids will be home for dinner. I’m thinking about using our leftover chicken from the fridge and make Tex Mex Chicken & Rice Skillet. MMMMMMMM And Wednesday I work from home and have the perfect roast for making Mo’s Java Pot Roast! MMMMMMM

So…. What’s For Dinner at Your House?

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