Puttin’ Up A Fight

 Life is never dull in our family, and I’m sure the same can be said for yours. I was just getting settled into our new “normal” (which is really just some level of crazy schedule that keeps us running, and we are now learning how to settle in for a totally different ride.

This ride means taking care of myself and my beautiful kiddos, as always. And we are now helping to gather the village around for my niece, who has just been diagnosed with Hodkins Lymphoma. She turns 15 this weekend and is a fighter. She fights like a girl, you know, and that means she’s filled with spirit and determination, and cancer’s gonna be sorry it ever heard her name, cuz she’ll kick it’s butt!  Supporters can get updates at Caring Bridge and contact Team Buggie for ways you can help her and her family.

So, you all know what I do. I feed people. It not only nourishes the body and helps you keep up the good fight, it nourishes the soul to help you keep up the good fight. It’s all about the food! But not just the food, the love that is behind that food. First thing’s first, I set to making a large batch of soup for the family so they’d have some good warm food to warm them up for the fight ahead of them. Knowing they need food more often than one person can provide for them, I rallied the villagers for help through TakeThemAMeal.com where they let you create calendars for when food is needed, customize the information you provide to volunteers and email directly from their website. All for FREE! A shining light in the middle of the darkness, there to help people in need.

Thank you to everyone who has given support for Team Buggie. Your prayers, thoughts, and kind words are priceless to Buggie and her family. GO TEAM BUGGIE!!!

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