Our Crazy Schedule…

I know what you’re thinking… everyone’s schedule is crazy! Well, you’re right! So I’ve got a few meal-time solutions for you.
I made this for dinner one night last week, and was impressed. I was resistant to trying it, because cooking a chicken in the microwave didn’t seem appealing to me. Well, too many people were raving about it, so I gave it a try, and boy am I glad I did! You’ll be glad when YOU try it, too!!!
Tonight I am just back from a girls weekend at the Beach House. But dinner still had to be done… I realized I had several things that were in need of  being used up before spoiling. So, here’s what I did tonight:
I made Jerk Chicken Salad, but instead of using pasta, as I usually do, I used romaine lettuce, to get that out of my fridge. 
My time saver for the week: I started a 30-Minute Chicken while I was making the Jerk Chicken Salad. So that chicken is cooked and ready for shredding! My John plans to make enchiladas with it! I was able to make our dinner for tonight in the time the chicken for later this week was cooking. That’s TWO DINNERS in 30 Minutes!
Need another meal-time solution? Give Deluxe Cheeseburger Salad a try!
This week we will have little to no grocery shopping to do. With a chicken already cooked up and ready for a meal this week, a nice big salmon filet in the fridge (THANKS, Veronica!!!), and plenty of other things in the freezer, fridge and pantry, we’ll need only some milk and maybe bread for the week. YAY!
So, a tentative menu:
Chicken Enchiladas
Well, I’m out of town for work… My John will probably find a steak, and the kids will eat with Aunt Veronica (THANKS!)
Hm, well, I think the Salmon sounds good for a light meal, after 2 days on the road
with veggies and mashed taters!
HM… something with ground beef, maybe Meatloaf
with rice and salad
We’re going to the M’s game!!! So, it’ll be Garlic Fries and Hot Dogs!
We celebrate my brother-in-law, who became a citizen of the United States recently! I’m so proud of him!
I think I’ll take a roast out of the freezer and have a nice, Sunday dinner!
So, What’s For Dinner at Your House?!?!

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