If You Build it… They Will Eat

The kitchen table is a magical place. Wouldn’t you agree? It is there where you dream and where you get to have long talks with your family and your friends. It is the kitchen table that makes life, dreams, and love possible. If the kitchen table is so magical, I have to wonder why more people don’t sit around theirs. It seems to me that the best way to have a magical life is to create it around your kitchen table.

My dream of building a house is on hold, but that’s ok. It gives me more time for planning every detail. I once drew a quick sketch of what I wanted in a house. When I showed it to a friend, he asked “Why is half the house a kitchen?” I couldn’t even come up with a reply to that. My question when I see house plans is always “Why is the kitchen so small?” I say get rid of the living room, because I want everyone to gather in the kitchen with me, around that magical table. I want people to enter my home, whether through the front, back or side door and be transported to a special memory of sitting around the kitchen table at Grandma’s house. I want my kitchen to be what envelops my home, with access to all other parts of the house coming right through the kitchen.

As I go outside, I want to pass through my kitchen and into a garden that is fit to feed my family and all my friends, using only the freshest, most high quality foods, grown right outside my door with love. A view of mountains surrounding my home, with endless trails through forests of trees and meadows filled with wildflowers in every color will make the backdrop for the outdoor kitchen with even more magical potential for gatherings of loved ones.

I could dream for days, weeks, months… well, years, really, about my dream home, and every time I think of my dream home, it is, of course, filled with love, laughter, friends, family, and even friends we’ve yet to meet… and in all those dreams we are gathered in my kitchen cooking and eating, laughing and dreaming.

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3 Responses to If You Build it… They Will Eat

  1. Mom

    I’ve always wondered why kitchens are so small, too. Too many people have to live in apartments now and they make EVERYTHING small. Unlike you, though, I would like an island and a wonderful eating nook. The island can have seating at it, but the nook just takes me right back to yesteryear.

    And, your forests and meadows are missing something! A bubbling brook and a waterfall!

    • Mom, I have to agree with the nook. I want a table, a nook, and not necessarily an island, but a tall counter with seating.

      Oh, and of course! How could I forget the bubbling brook and waterfall! A maybe a pond with an island in the middle of it. :::sigh::: Someday, huh? Or at least I’ll always have this perfect place in my dreams…

  2. Rebecca

    What a fabulous dream and dream home. I wholeheartedly agree!

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