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I never get sick. Well, rarely, anyway… I just don’t. I have had the flu only twice that I can recall (and no, I don’t get the flu shot, never have). In recent years, I’ve suffered the symptoms of the common cold only a few times. Generally, I can recognize the onset, up my healthy food doses, get some extra rest and symptoms subside before I ever break open a box of Kleenex.

Not this time. No, this past weekend found me wiped out from exhaustion and the most awful cold symptoms I’ve had in a very long time. I tried to stop it. I did! I took extra vitamin-c, ate oranges, fresh veggies and tried to rest. It didn’t help. Not even a little bit. And I have spent 2 days trying to figure out why this cold hit me so fast and so hard that there was no way to stop it. It was at lunch today that it occurred to me.

Today was our company Christmas lunch. One of the menu choices was a crispy garlic chicken. I contemplated the steak or the sea scallops, but the garlic was just crying out to me. Garlic makes everything better. Including your health. Garlic has amazing healing properties. It has been shown to prevent things from the common cold to cancer. If you don’t have fresh garlic in your kitchen, go buy some TODAY and learn to cook with fresh garlic. Your health will thank you.

So, over the last couple crazy months, I have left a lot of the cooking to my kiddos. They are pretty good little cooks, but have a limited menu for items they can cook on their own with no supervision from me. This means my usual garlicky goodness dinners have not been abundant. There’s been far more convenience foods than I care to admit, as well.

When I realized today how little actual cooking I’ve done recently, and then realized that not only did this cold hit ME hard and fast, it had also hit my girl child earlier in the week, just as hard and fast, I decided it’s time to get some garlicky goodness back into our diets!

This week is crazy, but there’s no time like the present time to get our health back on track. Are ya with me?! What will YOU add garlic to this week?

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