Duck, Duck, Goose

I walked into the kitchen one night to find 3 eggs sitting on the counter, marked “duck”, “duck” and “chick”. We had hard boiled some duck and chicken eggs and in order to know which is which, they were marked… for some reason, I found the sight quite hilarious. The boys in the house didn’t find the humor, but the girl child shares my sense of humor and all I had to do was show her the eggs and she started laughing, too.

Of course… I immediately knew what I had to do… I had to buy some goose eggs! And I did. And they are huge! I also had to do some research to share the difference (other than size) in the eggs. (Really, any excuse to go to the Farmer’s Market. I was happy to visit Triton’s Farms for more duck eggs and a couple goose eggs, and of course the rest of my fave vendors down there, too.)

store chicken egg, chicken egg from friend's chicken, duck egg, goose egg

I searched and searched and was unable to find a nutritional comparison that included goose eggs. What I did find compares the nutritional value of duck eggs to chicken eggs. (I know… it’s a website selling duck eggs… quite expensive duck eggs, I might add!!! But, the information is good.) Another site for egg nutritional information isn’t quite as complete, although it includes information for more types of eggs. If those sites don’t convince you that you’re not getting the nutrients you need and deserve from “regular store bought eggs”, check THIS out, and then look at my pictures below, keeping in mind that more color, brighter color=more flavor and more nutrition!

L-R: store chicken egg, chicken egg from friend's chicken, duck egg, goose egg

How about side-by-side:

clockwise L-R: goose egg, duck egg, chicken egg

Now… go out and buy yourself some better eggs! (Or if the urge strikes you, do as many of my friends have done: buy your own chickens and collect your own eggs, right out of your own backyard!)


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4 Responses to Duck, Duck, Goose

  1. Just Frances

    I must remember to call my neighbor about some fresh eggs! In addition to the improved quality and flavor of “home grown” eggs, I wonder if people know it’s generally cheaper to buy direct from a small family farm. I get a dozen eggs for a buck!

  2. George

    I still remember by love of the duck eggs
    Thank you for the cool pics and inspiration!
    I will seek out the farmer and recreate the experience 😎

  3. Rebecca

    Apparently goose eggs are great for making cakes – although you have to work out the equivalent quantities goose to hen egg. But they are said to make really rich tasting cakes. Or so my mum says at any rate.

  4. Yes, Rebecca, I have heard the same thing. The gal I bought the eggs from said the same thing, as well. She also said they work out to be about 1 goose egg to replace 3 large chicken eggs.

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