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Surprising Edible Goodness

Oh, what excitement I’m feeling today! I was squealing with joy last night as I read the following in Eat Pray Love 

“Then there was a pop-surprise bonus side order brought by the waitress for free– a serving of fried zucchini blossoms with a soft dab of cheese in the middle (prepared so delicately that the blossoms probably didn’t even notice they weren’t on the vine anymore).”

WHAT?! You mean I can actually eat the blossoms on the zucchini plants? It sounds divine! In my excitement I got all giddy, thinking of the beautiful flowers I had been looking at on our zucchini plants, and what a wonderful treat they are going to make. (And in my thoughts I continued on that next year, I will plant more zucchini plants! Neighbors, you’ve been warned.)

I am now researching to find what other plant parts might be edible from our smallish garden, and so far we are eating kohlrabi leaves & beet leaves and have discovered the leaves (but NOT the flowers) on tomato plants are edible, as are the broccoli leaves. I will share my research and our kitchen experiments and hope you will find that a happy side effect of having your own garden is getting more parts of the plant to use and share with your family.


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Windy Lake Day

Last week was insanity piled on top of more insanity. I promised the kiddos we would go to the lake on Saturday. I qualified this promise only with the requirement that they behave and clean their rooms… In hindsight, perhaps I should have mentioned “Depending on the weather”… Come Saturday morning I saw only clouds and felt only wind. But the lake was promised, so the lake received a bit of our family insanity.

We packed up some cheese & crackers (that’s an absolute must for any beach or picnic outing, if you ask me! Just grab a block of cheese and a knife to cut it with and your favorite crackers), watermelon and some cupcakes. The boy child packed up his beach toys and put on his swim shorts, despite the cold wind blowing through town. The girl child & I each grabbed a book for reading.

Arriving at the beach, we saw one lonely truck sitting near the water and the rest of the beach was empty. The empty beach made me want to walk to the far end of the beach, where I had never been, since it was usually crowded. The views were beautiful, even with dark clouds looming over the mountains. And the cold wind did not keep the boy child out of the water! He built his masterpiece near the water’s edge while the girl child walked the beach drawing pictures. I preferred to sit on my beach towel with the book* I just started reading, wrapped up in my blanket. (Once the wind let it go and allowed me to wrap it around my shoulders. We all enjoyed the afternoon sitting at the beach. The wind didn’t even bother us (well, once we got used to it, anyway)… it was the rain that drove us away, eventually, but not before getting our feet a little wet!

*I have just started reading Eat, Pray, Love and though I have not ventured far into the book, yet, I am in love with the writing of Elizabeth Gilbert. Perhaps because I remember some of the same feelings she has expressed in the beginning of her book, or perhaps she writes in the same way I think… but something about this book has drawn me in and I already know I will feel like I’ve been on the journey with her by the end of the book. (And I refuse to see the movie before finishing the book! My girl child has called “dibs” on reading the book after me, because I have told her she has to read it before I will take her to the movie… At least I know I’ll have a movie partner!)

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Real Food

Have you heard about this book? It’s called Real Food: What to Eat and Why, written by Nina Planck. Some friends were talking about it on one of my message boards and upon searching for the book online, this is what I found. From what I understand about it, this lady (Nina) wants me to eat the way I already do because it’s HEALTHY??? WOW! There’s some great things in this book, and I can hardly wait to get my copy. I’ve ordered it from Amazon and should have it by the end of the week. It will certainly be worth the read to have someone else justify my way of eating. LOL

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