Can You Name These Fruits?

Can you name these fruits?

On my quest to find new foods to try this week, I decided to get my kiddos in on the fun. They have some great suggestions and I’m excited to keep trying new foods with them, well past my challenge this month, because there are just too many things to try, and why stop the fun just because the challenge ends.


This week kinda got away from us, and we found ourselves coming home from a fun weekend with friends, realizing we had not tried our new food yet for last week. We popped into a market for some milk and perused the produce aisles for inspiration. The picture you see here is what we came up with. Can you name these fruits? [We will reveal names of fruits and our opinions on them later this week.]



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2 Responses to Can You Name These Fruits?

  1. Well, it looks like you’ve got a cherimoya in the back, kumquats in front, and starfruit on the side. All excellent choices!

    A fun one that I was introduced to last year is dragon fruit. And given that this is the Year of the Dragon (YOUR year, as you’ve said) I think you need to track some down and give it a try!

    Happy fruiting!

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