A Healthy Addiction

Yes, I have an addiction. I’m calling it a healthy addiction, because I can’t think of a single thing wrong with being addicted to the local Farmer’s Markets!

Reasons I love the market:

  1. It has beautiful, vibrant colors in nearly every shade imaginable.
  2. I get to be outside on sunny days, and I don’t even mind it when the day isn’t so sunny. 😉
  3. It supports local farmers
  4. The customer service is great
  5. Even the kids find entertainment
  6. I always end up running into friends or people I haven’t seen in a long time, which makes me happy

Yesterday I spent some time with my girl-child (who was kind enough to be my photographer for the day) at the Kittitas County Farmer’s Market. My first experience at this market was just a few weeks ago, though it was not my first farmer’s market experience. After just 1 trip to this market, I was addicted! Immediate addiction! For all the reasons stated above and so many more that are impossible to describe with mere words. Pictures can help a little, but the thing that cannot be shared with words or with pictures is how being at the market feels… it’s a warm, inviting place, and I can’t believe I have waited this long to get there. (Perhaps because I already knew I would fast become addicted! 😉 )

My mission for this week was to get some duck eggs from Triton’s Farm and some tomatoes from Kittitas Valley Greenhouse, and I needed 1 more tomato plant from my favorite vendor, Lark Meadows (sorry, no website for them… but you’ll be hearing more about this place from me, because they are just amazing!). Arming my shoulder with shopping bags and my pockets with cash, I was ready to accomplish my mission of gathering fresh ingredients for the weeks’ meals.  And I must say: “Mission Accomplished”

Triton’s Farm had 1 dozen duck eggs left! We were lucky enough to get there in time for that last dozen… and decided on a couple goose eggs, as well. The family is excited to give those a try, and the chosen meal for those big ol’ eggs will be quiche (flavor yet to be decided…) If you’ve never seen a goose egg, well… here’s a picture of my bowl filled with duck & goose eggs. Can you guess which are which?! (You’ll hear more about the difference between duck eggs and chicken eggs in another post… and now we have goose eggs to add to our comparisons!)

Kittitas Valley Greenhouse always has a colorful array of tomatoes to choose from. Their “seconds” bin holds great deals for those who aren’t picky about the shape of the tomato or other imperfections, like scarring or soft spots. I’ve gotten tomatoes from that bin a couple times and am always extremely happy with the purchase. This time, however, I did not find what I wanted there, because I was looking for something specific and needed to be a little pickier. To go with grilled tacos yesterday, I needed some fresh salsa, and thought it would be fun to make it colorful! I picked up a lemon boy, a goliath, a green zebra and a cucumber, and we made a wonderful salsa, plus had some left for our salad this evening.

Lark Meadows found me smiling yet again as they had 1 more of the Long Keeper Tomato plants I was hoping to get. I also picked up some asian greens, leaf lettuce and fresh tarragon for salads and dressings this week. My girl child took the opportunity to snap many more pictures, as she found the plants interesting, and I think she was even more entranced with the beautiful tags for each plant (I am only guessing on that, due to the number of pictures she took, but I think it’s a pretty accurate assumption. 😉 ) I chatted with the girl there, who, by the way, has remembered me every time I have come by to see her, which makes me happy and she earned a loyal customer by smiling and always being helpful to this newbie gardener! She has said I can bring the kids out to the farm to see their goats and sheep, and I will definitely be taking her up on that, now that school is out for summer. I look forward to seeing what other fresh yumminess Lark Meadows will have in store for me this summer, and can hardly wait for the tomato & pepper plants I have bought from them to begin producing some fruit!

Though I didn’t visit them on this trip to the market, I do want to be sure to mention Whitaker Grassfed Beef! I bought a box of their beef on my first 2 trips to the market, and the next time I visit them, it will be for purchase of a larger amount. Freezer space is currently limited, but I am finding my way to the back of what we have to make room for healthier, grassfed beef! We have used several pounds of the ground beef and find it to be more flavorful and less greasy that grocery store meat. Also used has been a gorgeous chuck roast and stew meat that was made into my favorite busy day beef soup!

As I mentioned, my girl child was my photographer and she did a great job. You’ll find more pictures in the photo album on my Facebook page. Be sure to “Like” the page and get updates from That Cook Girl, including more pictures and links to helpful information. Oh… and how could I forget?! Next weekend the Roslyn Sunday Market opens! I hope to see you all there.

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  1. Cassie

    Yeay!! Loved seeing you there! What cute boys in that picture, but boy, their mom should clean them up some before going to market!
    Beautiful pics of the catch of the day! I wanna know how the eggs get used!

  2. Wonderful boys!! And their mom doesn’t need to clean them up, they are boys and it’s summer! It looked like they were having a fun weekend. 😉
    You’ll definitely hear about the eggs! I just LOVE the duck eggs, and I’m sure the goose eggs will be just as wonderful.

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